Self balancing scooter enterprises jointly cope with UL certification

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In 2016 the development of self balancing scooter industry seminar held in guangzhou, China. Self balancing scooter industry in China together, together to deal with trade frictions and intellectual property disputes.

HX, such as more than 60 self balancing scooter vehicle more than 70 enterprises and parts enterprises.
self balancing scooter
Self balancing scooter of the industry is a high and new technology and green travel one of the emerging industries. According to statistics, at present the vehicle across the country have more than 500 enterprises, the guangdong province shenzhen enterprise has more than 300; Shenzhen accessories more than 1000 enterprises, electricity to more than 200. Self balancing scooter in 2015 export sales of more than 300 one hundred million yuan, in 2016 is expected to more than 600 one hundred million yuan.

At the end of 2015, amazon, on the grounds that the alleged patent infringement with quality problems, to force the shelves of Chinese companies sell on amazon website all self balancing scooter products, to the enterprise production and business operation and “wisdom made in China” brand bring serious negative impact.

China’s guangdong province business hall of fair trade, the provincial intellectual property office of the department said it will fully support guangdong self balancing scooter industry development, is willing to provide enterprises with preferential policy and financial support. Attend the meeting and shenzhen institute of technology standard, TUV rheinland, TUV, UL and CSA certification organization representative, China patent agent (Hong Kong) co., LTD., etc. The Patent Office.

Companies around the quality defects and restricting the development of china hoverboard industry patent disputes are discussed. Legal affairs ccpit Wang Chengjie minister, said it would fully provide guidance and help for the development of self balancing scooter industry in China, foreign mutual consultation plan, internal quality control and development of the independent intellectual property rights.

Guangdong province, vice chairman of ccpit Luo Bingzhi said, “off the shelf” amazon event affected hundreds of guangdong enterprises, the amount to tens of billions of yuan, province ccpit immediately initiated the emergency response mechanism, has been watching developments closely and step-by-step electric chamber of commerce and enterprises gradually.

Electric LanShiYou secretary general chamber of commerce in guangdong province, said the quality standard certification, and in the near future on the basis of the standardized construction as soon as possible to promote the cooperation with institutions such as UL, TUV, the self balancing scooter of China’s quality standards in line with international standards, avoid double standards. He called for, given china hoverboard of the for the construction of the patent pool is imminent, the tail from wagging the dog need to patent holders, self balancing scooter with China industry long-term development as the goal, the industry jointly cope with the foreign intellectual property disputes, promote the healthy and orderly development of industry.

Meeting established overseas electric ShangPing audience’s initial response to events, established the relevant government departments, business associations and enterprises of rapid communication channels and joint meeting mechanism, the next step of work on all the parties to the division of labor.

Experts said that as the quality standard come on stage and the formation of patent pool, self balancing scooter of China will no longer be blackened “bomb” in China, and is expected to become a trillion-dollar new industry.

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