Self-balancing scooter advantage

Self-balancing scooter advantage

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Self-balancing scooter are new high-tech means of transport, outdoor sports products, which uses aerospace control theory, fuzzy algorithm, gyroscope and acceleration sensor system, it detects changes in body posture based on body weight change and the server control system, which can precisely drive motor to adjust to achieve the longitudinal direction of the self-balancing scooter. user slightly forward and back through the body, to achieve progress, acceleration, deceleration, braking and other operations; when you need turn, slow down and in accordance with the need to control the left and right of self-steering, move foot a little forward or backward, the body center of gravity shifted to the left, scooter turn left, changing to the right, scooter turn right.
Self-balancing scooter

Self-balancing scooter comes with a stylish lightweight balanced appearance, simple operation, flexible control, easy to carry, low carbon and environmental protection, it is the perfect companion for recreation, scenic tour, short-haul travel and other life applications.

there are two sensor switches under the pedals of smart scooter, when the user steps on them, the sensor switches were turned on, smart scooter will automatically adjust to the equilibrium state; when rider get down from scooter, sensor switch is closed, and smart scooter start the standby mode.

when riding on scooter, please keep the foot on pedal, do not tread outside.
when power on, please do not put other articles on pedals, which keep sensor switch always on, can not turn off, finally increase the chances of collision.

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