HX-X3 revive the hoverboard craze

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Shenzhen HuanXi technology Co., LTD started shipping its redesigned and completely rebranded HX-X3 this July It really is a rather different beast than the HX and legion of other so-called “hoverboards”


Hover in again

Broadly, the HX-X3 still works the same as previous hoverboards. It’s still a self-balancing board, so when you turn the HX-X3 on and step gingerly onto the two rubberized pads, it will balance you automatically. Leaning slightly forward makes the HX hoverboard go forward and leaning back makes it go back. The footpads are also larger on the X3, a design change that also adds to ride stability and comfort.


Simple, yet useful app

The app (iOS and Android), by the way is nicely designed and easy to navigate. Once you connect the HX Hoverboard to your smart phone via Bluetooth, you can then see, in real time, your riding speed and the HX-X3′s battery life. There’s also a virtual power button, but that only puts the HX-X3 to sleep – you still have to use the physical button on the device to turn it fully off. battery life, number of miles traveled, trip distance and battery temperature (most of the time mine was at 75-degrees F).
Other app features include naming your HX-X3 and choosing your riding mode: learning, standard and advanced.
Learning keeps speed at 4 miles per hour max and slows down turning and acceleration. Standard lets you go up to 6 miles per hour and get quicker response on turns and speed. I rode most of the time in advanced (8 mph or more). When I chose that selection, I saw a pretty dire warning: “Extremely high injury risk. Not recommended for average users.”


Whatever mode you choose, the ride itself feels pretty smooth. HX-X3 operates quietly, but it does feel different than riding the HX. The new motors have a more controlled and rougher feel. It’s not unpleasant, just different. The larger pads underneath your feet feel different, too. More comfortable and more responsive.


Music player


Now that the HX-X3 is connected to your phone, you can add another wrinkle to the hoverboard-riding experience: music.


The new HX app lets you track speed, distance traveled, battery life and more
HX has done an excellent job reinventing the hoverboard. It looks sharp, rides smooth and is quiet and fun to use.


Replaceable Battery, Prolong riding range


The 1st Replaceable battery hoverboard,
(1)Dual battery design, if one battery stop working, with 10 pcs battery cells, the hoverboard still can run fast
(2)Detachable battery, easy to exchange, when the battery capacity reach to zero, no need to charge, people can exchange a new battery
(3)Low battery Capacity ,Safe to carry to airline
(4)Decrease the After-sales service cost .if the battery is wrong, only need to change 10pcs cell, NOT 20pcs cell, oh you save 50% the cost.

As good as the HX-X3 is, I’m not sure anyone cares anymore. Do you?
Sharp design
Smooth ride
UL2272 Certified
Simple, yet useful app
Replaceable Battery
Music player


This excellent update to the original HX makes us wonder what would have happened if the HX-X3 had been released in the market

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