Scooter Brand

Brand story

We are a group of people, dedicated, paranoia, and the pursuit of the unknown;
We focus on not only the products, but also quality, profession and Idealists for excelsior spirit shokunin kishitsu.
We bring more than just riding, but also to enjoy a kind of joy of life;
We carefully interpret each product, which is our attitude;
We always uphold the green, environmental protection, health, intelligence, fashion concept.
We focus on the design and production of self balancing electric unicycle, and have a very stringent requirements and test procedures for the quality, riding experience, service and user experience.
HX brand born with the tide of fashion, in an increasingly competitive electric unicycle market, electric unicycle manufacturers are struggling to find premium emotional attributes. We are dedicated, skillful and the pursuit of perfect;
We are a group of idealists who love life, pay attention to quality of life, the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment and satisfaction, and love the outdoors, the pursuit of freedom and the courage to challenge for ourselves.

To create a happy life science and technology

The worldwide leader in the intelligent transportation industry

HX is the abbreviation of joy, joy logo marked using the letter directly, straightforward and concise, easy to identify; “H” is He abbreviations, for He, she, it. “X” stands for an unknown number, represents a kind of power, move feeling, the passion. The flat and agile design, modern, fashion, science and technology. Enthusiastic red is the life, vitality, health, enthusiasm, vitality, a symbol of joy, the connotation is positive upward, forward. Black: a symbol of the sedate, noble, cool and mysterious. The whole design give a person a kind of dynamic, fashion, simple sense.