Amazon and many other popular retailers have removed all hoverboards from their stores over safety concerns.


NEWS: Amazon and many other popular retailers have removed all hoverboards from their stores over safety concerns. They may come back in the future but in the meantime we recommend  check out other modes of transport like electric scooters, smart balance wheel, electric motorcycles and self balancing scooter.

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you have most likely seen these cool new toys that have become extremely popular with celebrities and everyday people alike – the self balancing scooter (or hoverboard). Everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Justin Bieber is riding them (although, it must be admitted that Chris Brown rides it best). Imagine a Segway without handles, and able to go at a speed around 8km/h – 18km/h (depending on the model) , and you have a picture of what we are talking about. It is lightweight, smart and easy to move. They are incredibly fun to ride, and take some time getting used to.

However, before you buy one, you need to know which is the best self balancing scooter to go for. There are numerous hoverboards on the market, and it can be hard to decide between them, especially as they haven’t even reached the streets everywhere yet. So how do you find one that suits your taste and your pocket? Sometimes the price is worth it, and sometimes it is just a small design improvement. We help you find the right one with our reviews and guides. Read on for pros and cons of the different hoverboards, and what sets one apart from the other.


It might look a lot of fun on celebrities’ Instagrams, but are these gadgets really for you? The answer is probably yes as the convenience and cost-effectiveness it offers is something that everyone can benefit from. If you still need reasons as to why a self-balancing scooter is a good buy, here are some of its major advantages.


There is no need to fill a tank or store gas. You just need batteries to run the scooter. Store up on some batteries and you have a virtually never-ending, never-stopping, fully dependable ride. As easy as that.


There is nothing complex in the way hoverboards are controlled. All you have to is lean forward when you want to accelerate, and lean back when you want it to stop. If you want to turn left or right, you just need to turn the right handlebar forward or backward. These simple instructions are all you need to know before you jump aboard your new ride.


This is one of the most obvious advantages. The design of these two wheel scooters is such that it is not bulky or heavy. They have a light framework, which also allows you to carry them anywhere easily if you have to.


Hoverboards do not require heavy maintenance. You just have to periodically check up on the batteries. Everything else is pretty much taken care of on its own.


Of course, you cannot forego your subway ride to the office or your two hour drive to the hospital with this scooter. But it is perfect for small errands like buying the groceries. It is apt for distances of five to ten kilometers, and can take a little extra load, so your trips to the supermarket just became a whole lot more fun.


While you are making a good choice for yourself by choosing a two wheel scooter, you are also benefitting the environment. It is a win-win situation.


So now that you have decided that you are ready to buy a self-balancing scooter, how do you choose one from the many available? Before going to specific models and brands, it is first necessary to know what you are looking for.

The first thing to consider while comparing different hoverboards are the features. Does one go faster than the other? Does one offer a more sophisticated and foolproof navigation system than the others? Does one offer a hood in the front that offers better protection in case of an accident? These and other features are some that you should look into. More or less such features are visible when you look at the different scooters, and this is not a hard assessment to make.

The next thing you should think about is your need for the scooter. Ask yourself what you will really use it for. Learn to differentiate your real needs from your imagined ones. You might think that you will use it to ride to the gym that is six kilometers away, but you know that in reality you’re never going to get up early in the morning. But you might use it for your weekly grocery shopping. Find out your real motivation and with that in mind, filter through the choices.

Another thing that you should consider is appearance. Maybe one brand only offers the scooter in the basic colors of black and white. Another brand offers blue and pink too. Here you need to choose what uniquely matters to you. Does the idea of having a mini number plate make your pre-teen daughter’s day? Whichever looks best to you, narrow that down.

Finally, you must balance all the above criteria with the price. After all, every product should be worth the money you are paying for it. You must balance money and features against one another. If one brand is offering a little something extra but the price is double of the basic, it is not worth it. If another one is asking for two hundred dollars extra but is offering you an essential feature, for example a special child grip, then that is worth it for you if you have a kid. Therefore, you must evaluate according to your needs and your budget.

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